Wedding Anniversary in Montmartre

12 Feb

{images from saipua,,}

Many people delay their honeymoons so they can take a big trip to Europe anywhere from a few months to a few years after their wedding. We haven’t been back to Paris in a while, so I’m playing with the idea of a wedding anniversary in Paris with a twist: staying at an apartment in Montmartre and really inhabiting its haunting, dream-like environs for a week or more. This kind of trip is perfect for those who long to re-visit a city or who are like me, both a voyajer and a homebody at heart, longing to capture just a small sliver of what it means to truly dwell in a foreign country.

The perfect romantic jaunt would begin with an exchange of handwritten love letters with directions to go to different places that signify romance for us. We could recover from the jet lag with dinner at Chamarre Montmartre for dinner.

We’d have plenty of time for the market the next day for most of our meals (a great way to save money period, or to leave room in the budget for splurges. Like, for example, an antique car rental to the countryside for a day trip or a weekend when the neighborhood begins to feel too small.

Other things to do: catch a movie at Studio 28 , catch some art at the halles de St. Pierre, an old iron market converted into a museum and performance space, or just walk around- especially on the world-famous steps…

{by toby vandenack}


Bon Voyaj,



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