Update on the Moulin Bregeon

23 Apr

So, if you read my entry, Dreaming about a Loire Valley getaway, then you probably know a little about the Moulin Bregeon. Well,  now I know why I fell in love with their website at first glance. One of the proprietors, Jonathan Robinson, is a visual artist whose reasons for wanting to renovate the old mill where his guest house is located, has to do with saving France from the strip mall culture that is annihilating the natural beauty of the United States (strong words but true).

Read the following article from Dana Kennedy at the Boston Globe. When Robinson discusses how the French balance a sense of aesthetic with nature it reminds me of Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” where he contrasts the American schizoid relationship to nature (an ugly spreading strip mall culture on the one hand and  fanatical attempts to remove ANY and ALL humanity from certain natural parks- often to their detriment).

And then there’s Pascal Merrillou, French born and raised. He is responsible for the food served at the inn each night, which uses local ingredients, along with the organic garden that is planted outdoors.

So after reading the article,  visit the website for Moulin Bregeon right afterwards. It reminds me so much of the heart and soul behind the Fond Doux Estate GB and I visited last July. I promise that you’ll want to pack your bags to go there right away!

dining at moulin bregeon via {www.moulinbregeon.com}

Bon Voyaj,



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