Think You Can’t Travel With Kids? This Article Says Yes!

12 May

I have always imagined traveling with kids- my favorite dream back when I was in college was a summer home in Dominica. An emerald-green oasis free of distractions and “stuff” but ripe with adventure and the potential for deep relationships.

However, we are always warned that when we have children we will never be able to travel anywhere unless it’s Disney World or Sesame Place. And this has always made me a tad bit nervous- in the vein of “How long do I have left to see Morocco? Or Italy? Or South Africa?”

And even though my wanderlust has cooled a bit and I’m not so anxious, it’s nice to read an article that sets my mind at ease. So even though I can’t imagine myself pulling up stakes and running away for a few years, I can imagine seeing St. Lucia again through the eyes of my future children.

Sailing away in St. Lucia


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