Smorgasborg: Messy Brooklyn Eats in Williamsburg

13 Jul

If you’ll be in NYC this weekend and you have no thoughts of escaping the sun-drenched humidity check out Smorgasborg, run by the same folks that host the Brooklyn Flea. What’s the catch? You must love food! There’ll be at least fifty vendors there selling everything from fried chicken on humongous biscuits to pies to Vietnamese noodles. Sound fun? Head over to Williamsburg and gorge yourself on a nearby lawn or picnic table on your purchases. Then get up and start all over again!

Check out this slide show and article from the New York Times before you head out for further details.

Who: Smorgasborg

What: a flea market for food lovers

When: Every Saturday this summer

Where: Williamsburg between North Sixth and North Seventh Streets close to Kent Avenue. (I’m not sure where that is either, so use to figure it out)




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