The Beautiful Summer….

5 Sep

During my summer break this year, we kept most of our traveling super close to home. Aside from a week with family in West Palm Beach in Florida, the focus this year was cutting back to prepare for the little one who will be making an appearance and adding to life’s adventures in January. So, no big trips this year!

Short day trips to places like City Island in the Bronx and Montauk on the eastern tip of Long Island helped me to escape from the stifling July heat. Staying in the city vs. planning and saving up for a big trip made me see and appreciate what is literally right in front of me- the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park (free!), the Brooklyn Library (free!), and what is only a short car trip away- Far Rockaway, Robert Moses, and even the waterfront park by the Verrazano Bridge was fair game for exploration. Also, lots and lots of movies. I’m disappointed to say that I did spend way too much time indoors this year, but being pregnant, it was sometimes difficult to stay out when I knew that I would need to constantly buy food to eat or run to the bathroom! Still all in all,  it truly was a beautiful (though really, really hot) summer…

pasta and lobster dinner date at the Lobster Shack in City Island

quiet evening at the Verrazano Bridge waterfront

magical Montauk, the famous lighthouse


So readers, I’m really curious. And I will ask you what I always ask my students: What did you do last summer?

Bon Voyaj,



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