Dreaming of Cape Cod…

7 Aug

The second half of summer usually finds me dreaming about places where I can unwind and relax under a cerulean sky with either the ocean or a mountain view for company. And this summer is no different. Right now, I’m reminiscing about my last trip to Cape Cod. It was a hastily planned affair, and my husband and I accompanied two of our friends to stay at a parents’ small cottage. We loved the narrow streets, the lobster rolls, and the view of seals in the distance when we went to a small, slightly pebbly beach nearby. We loved the feeling that there was nothing that we needed to do and no place where we really needed to be. I could easily see myself spending three (or more) lazy weeks hanging out by the ocean, biking, writing, and just catching my breath and really enjoying my family.

Now, if I only had a few days or just one week to spare I’d love to spend it at a place like Brewster by the Sea: Cape Cod Inn and Spa….

With a few weeks on our hands, I would love to do a rental or maybe take the ferry out to Martha’s Vineyard to see what all the fuss is about.

What about you, readers? What would be your ideal vacation spot for strict relaxation and escape? Do you have a place like this where you return to, year after year?

Bon Voyaj!


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