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My favorite new travel blog…Tewfic El-Sawiy: The Travel Photographer

6 Oct

It’s getting colder and darker and I’m out of breath.

So I turn the computer on at home after a long day teaching the breathtaking film “Water” by Deepa Mehta. (You have to see it, highly recommended) I click on one of my old bookmarks that I’ve long forgotten about and find this gorgeous website from a man who photographs endangered cultures primarily in India, Bali, East Africa, and Bhutan. Part of his work is taking aspiring photographers on photo expeditions- some on the streets of Kolkata, others to Kerala to witness and document Katha’kali dance-dramas. There are also photo galleries- one that caught my eye featured a photograph of African Sufi Siddis. Click here and feel transported…


A Japan outpost blog

25 Sep